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Reference Section

This collection comprises dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and other materials for quick reference.

Current Journals and Magazines

Contains over 80 titles of current journals and magazines, from both tourism and other fields.


Books and monographs are categorised according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC).

Serial Collection

Bound journals and magazines are categorised according to year of publication as stipulated in DDC.

Country Literatures

Countries literatures are updated regularly. It stocks relevant statistical data on tourism and country reports from National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) in the following regions - South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, etc.

Conference Section

This section contains conference/seminar papers that were presented locally and abroad, hosted by Tourism Malaysia and other organizations such as Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), World Tourism Organisation (WTO), etc.

Red Spot Collection

This is a special collection comprising Research & Development findings on Tourism Malaysia, PATA, WTO and other tourism-related organisations/consultants. They are available in the form of research notes, market briefs, reports, statistical data and other resources. The information is current, restricted and confidential in nature. Current statistical data or reports purchased from PATA, WTO, etc. are stored here to enable quick and easy reference.

Newspaper Clippings

The library has a collection of newspaper clippings featuring tourism-related news and articles. Also contains relevant information regarding Malaysia and other parts of the world. Collections from 1998-2013 have been digitized and can be accessed online at the Cyber Centre. Digitisation of the archived collection is in progress.

Annual Reports

Contains annual reports of government departments and agencies, banks and private sectors.  In order to provide current information, these reports are only stored for two years.


Tourism Malaysia library continuously updates its CD-Rom collection on tourism information.

Electronic Databases

Tourism Malaysia subscribes to several online database which are only accessible by Tourism Malaysia staff.