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General Rules And Regulations
  1. All Users must register themselves at the Circulation counter of the TM Resource Centre.

  2. TM officers/staff/practical trainee should display TM identity cards issued by Administration Division.

  3. Student/external users must produce a letter of introduction from colleges/universities or organisations.

  4. Users must be decently dressed and slippers are not allowed

  5. Irrelevant items such as bags, briefcases, folders, etc are not allowed inside the Resource Centre. These items are to be left in the pigeon holes provided near the entrance.

  6. Silent is to be strictly observed in the Resource Centre.

  7. Smoking, eating, drinking, littering, selling,/buying (business process) is strictly prohibited.

  8. Pets are not allowed in the Resource Centre.

  9. Users are not allowed to make a mark with a pen / pencil or folding the pages of a book or by other means that damage books, magazines, tools, furniture and goods in the Resource Centre.

  10. TM Resource Centre is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

  11. Users who violate the Resource Centre regulations will not be allowed to enter or use the Resource Centre facilities and services.

  12. The Resource Centre has the rights to ask users whose behaviour may be deemed as disturbing the peace of the Resource Centre to leave the premise.

  13. Resource Centre staffs on duty have the right to examine books, files and other materials which are being taken out of the Resource Centre.

  14. TM Resource Centre shall not be liable for reproduction, copying of work or derivatives as stipulate under the Copyright 1987 (Amendment 1997 & future amendment). Users are solely responsible for any action liable under this act.


  1. This loan is for Tourism Malaysia officers/staff and practical trainee.

  2. Maximum of 14 books/other materials (journals, reports, CDs, etc) can be borrowed by officers/staff at any time for a period of 2 weeks each.

  3. The borrower may extend the loan period or may reserve the book/material according to the rules set at para 7.

  4. Tourism Malaysia practical trainee is allowed to borrow maximum of 2 books/materials at any time for a maximum of one week each.

  1. Interlibrary loans are services provided to enable TM officers/staff to obtain books/references which are not available in the TM Resource Centre.

  2. The service can only be made with other library who are members of the SISTEM PEMBEKALAN PENERBITAN (SPP) which coordinated by National Library of Malaysia.

  3. The officers/staff must complete the Interlibrary Loan Form (Publication Delivery System (PDS) Request Form) or send the book/reference information via e-mail to the head of TM Resource Centre for further action.

  4. Officers form other government departments or lecturers/students from Higher Learning Institute can also borrow books/materials from TM Resource Centre via Interlibrary loan services provided their libraries are also members of the SPP.

  1. Borrowers are required to produce Tourism Malaysia identity Card or Student Matric Card if they wish to borrow Resource Centre books/materials.

  2. No item may be borrowed on behalf of another person and the use of other person card is strictly not allowed.

  3. Books/ Resource Centre materials must be recorded by the Resource Centre staff before taken out of the Resource Centre.

  4. Books/materials on loan must be returned or renewed on or before the original or extended due date.

  5. Users are to check that the items returned are properly cancelled from the loan records before leaving the circulation counter.

  6. Loan periods vary according to the category of Resource Centre users and the type of materials borrowed.

  7. Fines will be imposed on overdue books/Resource Centre materials and users are not allowed to borrow any materials until the fines are cleared.

  1. Loans can be renewed, if the item is not in the waiting list or reservation list.

  2. Renewal can be made at the Resource Centre Circulation Counter or Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). However renewal through online can only be renewed twice and the following renewal must be made at the Circulation Counter.

  1. If an item is on loan, users can reserve it through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). Users must regularly check the status of the item through the "On Loan Item" in OPAC System. Priority will be given to the first person who made the reservation and this will be followed by the subsequent person in the waiting list or reservation list.

  2. Item returned will only be kept for 7 workings days and if it is not collected by the person who made the reservation, it will be eventually shelved and can be borrowed by other users. Reserved item can be collected at the Circulation Counter by mentioning the call number or title to the staff on duty.

  1. Books/Resource Centre materials borrowed must be returned or renewed "on" or "before" the original or extended due date.

  2. It is an offence if the books/materials are not returned on time. TM Resource Centre will send an overdue reminder and actions as follows.

No. Actions Description
i. FIRST (1st) REMINDER(e-mail) An e-mail will be sent to the borrower who fails to return the book/loan item the next working day after the due date (the original or the extended date)
ii. SECOND (2nd) REMINDER (e-mail) An e-mail will be sent to the borrower 7 working days after the 1st reminder, if the book/loan item still not return.
iii. THIRD (3rd) REMINDER (official letter) An official letter will be sent to the borrower 7 working days after the 2nd reminder.
iv. (a) SALARY DEDUCTION (For TM Officer/Staff) -After 7 working days from the 3rd reminder, an official letter to be issued to the Finance Division for deduction of salary of the borrower who still fail to return the book/loan item as a fine. The deduction will be made lump sum.
-The salary deduction is set at double of the book/loan item price or the current price, whichever is higher.
-The fine is based from The National Library regulations
b) CASH/ CHEQUE(For Practical trainee /External Individual) The borrower can pay by cash or cross cheque the amounts as mentioned above to Finance Division Tourism Malaysia

  1. All material on loan may be recalled at any time, if the materials are urgently required by the Resource Centre. Notices will be issued to users for the items recalled and users are to adhere to the Resource Centre request.

  1. Users are responsible for the Books/Resource Centre materials borrowed. Lost or damaged materials must be reported promptly at TM Resource Centre Circulation Counter.

  2. Payment for physical replacement are required for the lost or damaged materials on loan or used in the Resource Centre premises.

  3. If the material is part of a set or series of materials, the users are required to pay or replace for the complete set or series in the specified collection.

  4. Payment for the replacement will be in accordance to the current market price for latest edition and hardcover (if applicable) or double of the books/loan item price, whichever is higher. Final charges will include processing charges deemed necessary or appropriate by the Resource Centre.

  5. The lump sum payment can be done by cash/cross cheque (for external users/practical trainee) and salary deduction (for TM officers/staff) to Finance Division.