The Tourism Malaysia Library plays a vital role in providing current tourism information from the local and international front, in support of Tourism Malaysia mission to market Malaysia as a destination of excellence in the region. In line with this, our aim is to be the premier specialist library by providing valuable and strategic information pertaining to the tourism industry.

Our objectives are:
>To source, gather and disseminate tourism information in support of Tourism Malaysia corporate thrusts.
>To preserve Malaysia tourism heritage through comprehensive and continuous archiving.
>To serve as a point of reference for tourism-related information, in line with the government's objective to position Malaysia as the premier destination in this region.
>The Library is a repository of tourism publications; data and market briefs produced by Tourism Malaysia Research Division. A large number of these publications are the intellectual property of Tourism Malaysia.
>Additionally, the library maintains a sizeable collection of tourism books, conference/seminar papers, monographs, journals, reports, theses and other sources of information, available in print or electronic modes.