Loan Rules

  • 1.
    Borrowers are required to produce Tourism Malaysia identity Card or Student Matric Card if they wish to borrow Resource Centre books/materials.
  • 2.
    No item may be borrowed on behalf of another person and the use of other person card is strictly not allowed
  • 3.
    Books/ Resource Centre materials must be recorded by the Resource Centre staff before taken out of the Resource Centre.
  • 4.
    Books/materials on loan must be returned or renewed on or before the original or extended due date
  • 5.
    Users are to check that the items returned are properly cancelled from the loan records before leaving the circulation counter.
  • 6.
    Loan periods vary according to the category of Resource Centre users and the type of materials borrowed.
  • 7.
    Fines will be imposed on overdue books/Resource Centre materials and users are not allowed to borrow any materials until the fines are cleared.